Invoice factoring for freight brokers

Efficiency comes when you apply freight brokering to your transportation business.

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Our freight brokerage and your business

Since an organization is complicated, we try to keep our job straightforward. We have ensured that more than 200 transportation intermediaries have turned to our factoring program for freight brokerage so that they can handle their freight bills, protect their credit ratings, and secure trucks’ capacity while ensuring businesses function smoothly.

Freight brokering makes your transportation company more efficient when it comes to factoring loads. We have handled carrier payments for several freight brokers, and our experience in factoring loads is a constant source of relief for small and medium-sized businesses. The reason behind this is our convenient and affordable services that streamline cash flow and business operations with ease.

Understanding freight broker factoring

Freight factoring refers to the process in which a business sells its invoices to the factoring company, also known as a factor, and in return, the factoring company pays the freight broker. This factoring freight bill payment then allows businesses to efficiently run the operations and stop worrying about the pending payments of their clients. You can keep running your business smoothly as the freight broker will collect your pending payments on your behalf.

The freight brokerages are constantly trying to improve their company and typically rely on factoring in their invoices issues. The big advantage you can get from freight factoring services is that these brokers have access to working capital through the smaller shops. Freight brokers give you the opportunity to expand your clients by providing them with quick payment options, which is very much needed by small businesses.

How factoring works for freight brokers

Factoring freight bills helps in turning your bills into money without any waiting time or delay. When you choose us for your company’s factoring services, you get paid easily and get the advantages of working with us. We can be a game-changer for you. We send you the customer data that offers you an insight into which client is worth keeping and who is paying properly. We help you get the data at your fingertips, which can save you time, money, and effort.

Therefore, you don’t need to wait for payments to pay your carriers. You just need to place the loads and send the freight bills to the factoring company. Rest will be done by the freight factor itself.

Reliable Pricing

We bring you the best services and products at the most reasonable price guaranteeing price deals that you will not find anywhere else. Investing in our services will never make you feel regret for even a single moment.

Fastest Support

We are at the service of our customers all day and night irrespective of the time, and whenever you need any support with business funding or financial factoring, we are just a call away.

Best Experience

With competitive pricing, quality services, and a robust support system, you get the best factoring experience when you choose us. At Factoring compass, we formulate quick solutions to all or any invoicing problem you may face.

Keep your business running smoothly and clients happy

Our invoice factoring services

Factoring Compass is renowned as one of the best factoring service providers in Florida. We offer invoice factoring services for staffing associations, receipt cash for advancement associations, business receipt computing, especially receipt financing for private endeavors, clinical receipt figuring, government receipt consideration, etc.

Do freight brokers use factoring companies?

When it comes to paying carriers and running their company, freight brokers have to be up to speed. Factoring firms will help freight brokers provide their carriers with quicker payments and be ahead of the curve when it comes to their other business costs.

Do freight brokers use factoring firms? Yes. Freight brokerages using factoring firms will pay their carriers right away. The factoring firm gives the freight broker money in advance. Then the factoring business receives the invoice from the customer of the freight broker.

This payment exchange will assist freight brokers in controlling their carriers’ satisfaction, who don’t have to think about when their customers can release their payments.

Freight brokers use of factoring companies

As a freight broker, to help sustain your company, you will need to have a steady stream of money coming in. Some freight broker customers will pay their invoices only after 1-2 months, making business operations difficult for freight companies. To help ensure that any freight bills owed to you can be handled in a timely manner, a factoring company takes the burden away from you.

Factoring invoices is becoming more common for businesses to relieve the extra stress of collecting payments from customers. Taking up this service allows freight companies to ensure their credit rating is safe and helps them retain their truckers through on-time payment.

If you have a great factoring firm to back you up, after completion of a shipment, carriers will get their payments in a 24-hour span. A good relationship between the carrier and the freight broker is formed through faster payments. This will also create a better partnership between the freight broker and the factoring firm, as the more support you can get, the more the company expands.

Benefits of our freight factoring services

We assure you of proper growth of your company. We serve you in such a way that your carriers are happy and consistent with you.


We handle all your receivable accounts so you may maintain focus on more significant matters.


We increase the advance for your trucking carriers by 50%.


Instead of giving attention to paperwork, we focus on getting you new business and carriers of quality.

Does factoring provide cash?

Invoice factoring with a freight broker does give you reliable cash. A factoring company will give you the cash for your invoice, and you do not have to wait long for customers to pay you.

Easy to get

You can easily find a freight broker. They come with multiple specializations, suiting every type of business, even a startup. It also happens to be a great way to grow your startup effectively.

Factoring loads payment

The best thing freight brokers do is they pay your drivers on behalf of you directly. That is done because factors make sure that the drivers are getting paid promptly.

Developing your business and confidence

We understand how important freight brokers are in bringing goods from different places to the market. We always protect your shipper relationship by making sure that the carriers are being paid on-time without any delay. We help you to succeed.

Develop confidence while growing your business with the right freight broker.