Industries We Serve

Finding the right factoring service is crucial to businesses in any industry. As such, Factoring Compass’s services extend to several sectors. Below mentioned are some industries we serve:

Miami, Florida

Factoring for trucking

Truck factoring has made everything easier for the trucking industry.

Invoice factoring is a financial operation that immediately converts invoices into money. Invoice factoring is a widely used method in the transport loan sector, which alleviates the waiting period that transport companies experience after invoicing their clients. The advantage of freight invoice factoring is that you can instantly get the money you’ve earned, allowing you to use the capital to grow your business and take the right steps for your business.

Factoring for freight brokers

Freight broking makes your trucking business more efficient. We have processed carrier payments for over 500 freight forwarders and our experience matches those reports.

The freight brokers who are constantly trying to grow their business often have cash flow problems. The biggest benefit we get from freight broker factoring is that freight brokers have access to working capital over and above smaller businesses. Freight broker gives you the advantage of expanding your customers by providing them fast payment options which are very necessary for small businesses or may small businesses crave such payment options.

eCommerce products

eCommerce, commonly known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, is a type of ebusiness and refers to the process of buying and selling goods and services over the internet. To execute these transactions, the transfer of money and data is significant and is done via the internet. E-commerce has been generalized as the sale of physical products online, but actually, it is a vast sector. Any business transactions made using the internet fall under the category of eCommerce.

ebusiness and eCommerce are two different sectors in which the former refers to the process of operating an online business, whereas the latter refers to the transaction of goods and services online.


Retail is the process of providing services to clients through different channels of circulation to procure a benefit. Retailers fulfill requests recognized through a store network.

The retail business world demands a lot of hard work and dedication. Markets run at a high pace, and accordingly, customer demands keep increasing, which can be a bit hectic sometimes. A proficient payment system relieves all the stress and pressure. Working with retail stores is a pleasure for us and helps create an advanced system that is ever ready to face all your challenges and convert them into an easy process for you and your customers.

Cafés and restaurants

The food and beverage industry is a big contributor to the market, especially in developing metropolitan cities. We offer various services, including credit card processing and the most important of all, the PoS system, which helps you in growing your factoring business and also in fulfilling all the needs and requirements of your customers. We ensure the prosperity of your restaurant or bar if you choose us to provide services to you.

Quick financial assistance

We are an innovative organization, and we provide smart and easy solutions to our customers. By easy solutions, we mean that customers can conveniently take a look over their purchases, make payments, sign, and can even tip using another screen.

Some of the most recognized and highlighted services of ours include providing factoring services for smart credit card and Bluetooth card reader manufacturers. We help such businesses get the payment they need to from their customers without much delay, helping their work function smoothly and hassle-free.

Beauty and wellness

Recent research shows that exercises that help our body stay fit also create a positive impact on our mind, which in turn becomes the reason for our beauty and wellness. All the stress and pressure gets released, and our mind stays healthy.

The factoring services provided by Factoring Compass can help your beauty salon excel. Gradually, your business revenue and sales would start increasing as a dedicated and committed factoring agency, as ours would keep an eye on your business and keep you updated with accurate customer data. This would help you leave all the competitors behind and keep your business growing.

Reliable Pricing

We bring you the best services and products at the most reasonable price guaranteeing price deals that you will not find anywhere else. Investing in our services will never make you feel regret for even a single moment.

Fastest Support

We are at the service of our customers all day and night irrespective of the time, and whenever you need any support with business funding or financial factoring, we are just a call away.

Best Experience

With competitive pricing, quality services, and a robust support system, you get the best factoring experience when you choose us. At Factoring compass, we formulate quick solutions to all or any invoicing problem you may face.

Medical services

Hospitals and healthcare centers often have to come across several patients who are unable to make payments at the right time. Furthermore, many of them pay with their credit cards. This can make financial processing within such institutions hard, making it hard to get the supplies they need for proper functioning.

In a hospital, this could mean sacrificing the important medical equipment and supplies that hundreds of patients may need. With our factoring services, we help prevent such scenarios by streamlining the cash flow. We provide healthcare centers with funding as we take care of their invoices for them.


Accommodation is the connection between a visitor and a host, where the host welcomes the visitor with a smile. Businesses in this industry have a constant ebb and flow of cash and require capital on a daily basis to run their establishment smoothly. As such, late payments can have a significant effect on the operations.

Factoring Compass serves hotels, motels, inns, and many more businesses in the accommodation or hospitality industry. For proper maintenance of hotels or any other establishment, investment is required. And for the investment you need money. Factoring Compass helps you with your cash needs to maintain and run your business by providing a factoring payment on your business invoices.


Administration, which is also known as policy management, is the execution of government strategy and, furthermore, scholastic control that reviews this usage and plans common representatives for working in public assistance. Shortage of money and delayed payments, when performing these tasks, are common but inconvenient.

At Factoring Compass, we help you to pay for the government and utility obligations if you are in a shortage of money. You just need to provide the invoice of services utilized, and in return, you get factoring payment immediately. Afterward, your clients pay the amount directly to us.


A business is characterized as an association occupied with business, modern, or expert exercises. The expression “business” additionally alludes to the coordinated efforts and exercises of people to deliver and sell merchandise and enterprises. The basic role of a business is to amplify benefits for its proprietors. There are competitors in every business, and now digital technology has made it more difficult for businesses to survive.

There is a significant change in the payment industry due to this transformation. It is necessary for small or even large businesses to meet their cash demands in order to fulfill the requirements of their customers. This is where a factoring company like ours comes to the fore with invoice factoring and financing services that ease the difficulties in cash flow due to delayed payments.


A franchise or franchising is a marketing concept that small and medium-sized businesses use to expand their business. These companies come into an agreement, where the franchisor (the company) licenses the sale of its products, intellectual property, know-how, etc., to a franchisee (a third party).

As the business expands, it is common for companies to find trouble with delayed B2B payments, which can hinder their operations and even affect their profit margins. A factoring agency can help in such situations by buying the invoices and offering funding in exchange.


Wholesale is the activity of purchasing and selling retail services to a larger-scale audience. Wholesalers are the ones who take part in buying and selling goods and services. Such companies always need a regular cash flow.

With a stagnant or decreased cash flow, the company might fail or sink due to irregular fulfillment of clients’ orders. This problem can be solved by invoice factoring service. A company just needs to factor in its invoices and then increase its growth and sale with the factoring payment provided.

Information technology

IT is a developing and very competitive industry. While large-scale businesses have access to the working capital, small businesses often strive for cash requirements to fulfill the orders they get. Thus, for the growth and success of a small business, a reliable source of cash flow is necessary.

Factoring Compass is a factoring company that serves many small businesses in the IT industry. So, let your business reach new heights and excel by serving your customers with the help of invoice factoring.

Industries We Serve