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What a government contract looks like

Getting a government contract is one of the best opportunities for any business. With a government contract in hand, you get guaranteed work and an advantage of having the contract renewed, which serves a great deal in the long term business development.

However, getting into a business with the government has its follies. Government contracts often tend to demand large outlays before ever paying. Moreover, it isn’t a guarantee that they will pay you immediately. It often takes 45 to 60+ days before the government makes its payments, which can delay your workflow.

This is where we come to the fore. Our experts are familiar with these contracts’ difficulties and the complexities of how holidays, government shutdowns, election years, etc., can result in delaying your payments. We ensure that we cover your bases in terms of working capital.

With us, your business will have a faster gain of capital owed to you with the help of factoring payments.

What is a government contractor?

Government contractors are a private company that deals with public agencies to produce various forms of goods and services. These contracts are quite difficult to earn. The companies get to work with the government by winning a bid. Once the bid is won, the contractors are supposed to submit the lowest cost of the bid to the public agencies’ proposal.

The problem here is that the government contractors come in all shapes and sizes, and it is quite common that a bigger, more established company would easily outbid the smaller ones. And if the cards worked in your favor, and even if you manage to get the contract, there is no guarantee whether you’d have initial or ongoing finances required to start and maintain the project.

How it works

A large government contract can result in drying up your cash flow, which would make it difficult for you to work on other projects that may come up, and at times difficult enough for you even to complete the project at hand. Factoring government contracts can make it possible for you to do business with the government at ease.

It is a debt-free alternative where you’re required to sell your government invoices to a company dealing with different types of factoring services. In return, you will receive an advance, depending on the contract’s value with a government agency. This helps bridge any gaps between when your work is completed and when the government pays for it.

Reliable Pricing

We bring you the best services and products at the most reasonable price guaranteeing price deals that you will not find anywhere else. Investing in our services will never make you feel regret for even a single moment.

Fastest Support

We are at the service of our customers all day and night irrespective of the time, and whenever you need any support with business funding or financial factoring, we are just a call away.

Best Experience

With competitive pricing, quality services, and a robust support system, you get the best factoring experience when you choose us. At Factoring compass, we formulate quick solutions to all or any invoicing problem you may face.
Delayed payments are equal to the loss of opportunity. We are a means to prevent such losses. We get you paid instantly.

Advantages of factoring payments


  • Flexible solution:

Factoring payments is a very flexible and easy way to raise capital, and quite often, the capital increases within merely four to seven working days.

  • Consistent capital base:

With factoring in government contracts, you can have a steady base of working capital, irrespective of the type of contract you are having. You are provided with the necessary working capital to make investments and to pay your workers and vendors.

The rest of the amount is held in a reserve account, which, except for the agreed-upon fee for the factoring payments, is paid to you once the government makes the payment.

Which business needs factoring financing?

Factoring payments is essential for a variety of projects and industries. Here is the list of a few industries which use different types of factoring services to fund their business:

Oil and gas

How exactly do we help you with factoring payments?


  • Fulfill your part of the agreement: You start by fulfilling the services or the order of goods as per your agreement in the contract.
  • Generate an invoice: You then generate an invoice stating the total amount due for the service or product provided and send the copies to the government entity and the United Capital Funding.
  • Verification and payment: Our experts would verify the invoice. Once done with it and satisfied with its authenticity, we transfer a large percentage of the amount stated in the invoice to your account, holding the remaining percentage of the amount until you are paid fully by the government entity.
  • Payment of rest amount: Once the government agency pays the full invoice amount, we transfer the rest of the percentage of money to your account, excluding the fee that we charge.

These types of factoring services help small and midsize businesses compete for new projects and complete the ones already in hand. It helps them continue working on their projects instead of having to pause due to lack of funds.

Why choose us for factoring government contracts?

Long term

When we work with someone and provide services, we try to satisfy them with a long term benefit and work in a way to attain that.

Nothing is hidden

We are keen on gaining the trust of our customers, and hence, our work is very transparent, with no hidden charges or anything as such.

Best team

We have the best team to work on these services and ensure that no top talent can slip through your fingers.

Reasonable pricing

We help with factoring government contracts at very reasonable and minimal fees. We ensure that you get the best price deals and are satisfied with our services.

A representation of the opportunity

  • Our mission: We aim at fulfilling all your needs at feasible prices.
  • Our thought: Our goal is to satisfy our customers by giving them the best results.

We want you to think long term

Not all factoring companies offer factoring government contracts, but with us, you can rest assured. With extensive experience in this field, we specialize in handling government contracts. Factoring Compass has been dealing with business companies of various sizes for several years in factoring government contracts.

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